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Roundtrips and daily tours

a beautiful beach on Lombok,Selong Blanak beach
The Exotic Southern Lombok

On this trip you are going to learn more about the island, the culture and the people itself. The waterfalls Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel, the beautiful beaches Selong Blanak and Mawun Beach are really interresting places to visit. On your way back to your hotel you are going to visit the traditional village Sade in Rambitan. This is the thing you can not miss.

The Exotic Lombok 3 days/2 nights

This mini roundtrip is going to take 3 days/2 nights to discover the most part of the island. You are going to visit the most popular destinations on the island. Starting by exploring the waterfalls Sendang Gila in the north followed by enjoying the beauty of Sembalun and at last snorkeling in the remote Gilis: Gili kondo, Gili Kapal and Gili Bidara.

Sembalun Lawang Lombok,Sembalun Bumbung Lombok
Snorkeling safari in Lombok 3 days/2 nights

The ride goes to the three different Gilis in south west, south east and north east which are still very original. Snorkeling fans would find out in this place that Lombok is really a snorkeling paradise. The Gili Nanggu and Pink Beach have become two favorite places to visit for many tourists.  

Snorkeling on Gilis
Waterfalls and rafting

Visiting the two waterfalls Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel can be combined with white water rafting in the river Benang Stokel on the south slope Mounts Rinjani right in the National Park.

River rafting, white water rafting on Lombok
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