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The city of Mataram and waterfall

Get to know the city of Mataram and its surroundings!

You will see the cultural highlights of Lombok and the largest local market, the “Pasar Bertais”. Among other things, you visit the Bertais, where you can stroll through the lively market, which offers everything the population needs on a daily basis. Continue to the old water castle Taman Narmada, which also serves as a Hindu temple. In the amusement park of the Hindu kings of that time there is a fountain of youth called "Tirta Amerta". The temple was built in 1727 by the Balinese King Made Karang as a miniature of the holy Mount Rinjani. The next stop after a wonderful drive through villages and rice fields is the Rainforest National Park at the foot of the southern slope of Mount Rinjani. We will undertake a 10 minute hike to the Benang Stokel waterfall in the rainforest. Lunch is served during the lunch break in a restaurant in the middle of the rice fields. In the afternoon, on the way back to the port, we visit the weaving mills in Sukarara, where the women can handcraft very good quality fabrics for export.

This day trip includes the entrance fees, lunch and German-speaking tour guide / driver

Departure time: around 8:30 a.m. or depending on the time the ship is at sea

Duration: approx. 8 hours


From Senggigi, Lembaren Hafen and Kuta

Minimum number of participants 2 people

2 participants: EUR 60 per person

3 participants: EUR 50 per person

4+ participants: EUR 45 per person

Attention !!!: You cannot book this excursion on the ship and it is not carried out by the cruise organization but by the local operator. The booking must be made via WhatsApp or email!

Please look for the logo when you pick it up!

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