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die Moschee Sunan Ampel in Surabaya

City Tour Surabaya

Departure is at 8:30 am from Tanjung Perak Harbor in Surabaya. Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia. The city is also the center of all business and education for the East Indonesian part. Surabaya is known as the city of heroes due to the violent war against the colonial rulers for the independence of Indonesia. The word Surabaya originated from the fight between the two mystical predators Sura (shark) and Baya (crocodiles). The combination of a great metropolis and historical value makes the city one of the interesting tourist destinations in East Jawa. Some important landmarks of the city that cannot be missed while visiting Surabaya are the Heroes Monument, an old hotel Majapahit Tour, which is historically very important in the liberation of the city from the colonial rulers. The House of Sampoerna is a live museum of the artisanal cigarettes in Indonesia, the mosque and the traditional market Sunan traffic light, and the statues Sura & Baya with the pointed bamboo, which were used as weapons earlier in the war. No less interesting is the visit to Kenjeran Sanggar Agung Temple, where the golden Buddha statue with four faces is located.



2 - 3 participants: USD 145.00 per person

4 - 5 participants: USD 125.00 per person

6 - 12 participants: USD 100.00 per person


Groups of 13 or more participants: USD 80.00 per person



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Car with a driver

English-speaking tour guide

Lunch at a local restaurant in Surabaya city


Attention !!!: You cannot book this excursion on the ship and it is not carried out by the cruise organization but by the local operator. The booking must be made via WhatsApp or email!


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