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The Magnificent Jawa
8 days 7 nights

Java, Indonesia's primary island, is a fascinating destination teeming with diverse attractions to discover on this roundtrip. The impressive remnants of Hindu temples on the Dieng Plateau, including the renowned Buddhist temple Borobudur, will captivate you. Witness the vibrant sunrise atop Mount Bromo. The authentic lifestyle of the inhabitants, along with numerous other cultural aspects, renders Java or Indonesia one of the most captivating destinations in Southeast Asia.

Day 1: Jakarta
Upon arrival in Jakarta, you will be transferred to your hotel. The remainder of the day is yours to enjoy at leisure, whether you choose to relax in the hotel or explore its vicinity. Feel free to discover the city at your own pace. Jakarta is a city of stark contrasts, bustling with activity. It boasts numerous skyscrapers, illuminated shopping centers, large and opulent residences, as well as a plethora of roads and flyovers. You might consider visiting Jakarta's historic Sunda Kelapa harbor or strolling through Chinatown to immerse yourself in cultural landmarks such as the world's largest mosque. You'll soon notice that much of the city has undergone modernization. However, there are still areas that seem untouched by time, retaining their traditional charm amidst the modern landscape.

Day 2: Jakarta – Bandung
We will depart at 7:30 in the morning, heading towards Bandung. En route, we plan to visit Bogor's botanical garden, the largest in Southeast Asia. It boasts an impressive collection of 15,000 tree and plant varieties, 3,000 orchid species, and 400 palm types. Additionally, the garden is home to over 50 bird species and serves as a roosting site for bat colonies. Our journey will continue to the Angklung Music School at Pak Udjo's residence, where we will explore the angklung, a traditional bamboo musical instrument. We expect to arrive in Bandung by evening. Known as the capital of West Java, this 'City of Flowers' has a population of three million and ranks as Indonesia's fourth-largest city. In colonial times, Bandung was a significant hub for Europeans and earned the moniker 'Paris van Java.' Guests may choose their preferred hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 3: Bandung – Wonosobo
Transfer to Bandung train station occurs early in the morning. We then embark on a 7-hour train journey in Argowilis Executive class to Kutoarjo. Upon arrival at Kutoarjo, a 3-hour car ride takes us to Wonosobo. During the ride, enjoy the stunning views of central Java's diverse landscapes. Wonosobo is situated on the slopes of the mystical Dieng Plateau. The evening offers free time for leisure activities. Accommodations are provided at the hotel of your choice for an overnight stay.

Day 4: Wonosobo – Yogyakarta
En route to Yogyakarta, you will be treated to the stunning vistas stretching from Wonosobo to the Dieng Plateau. The breathtaking journey through the serpentine roads of the volcanic landscape, ascending to an elevation of 2,100 meters, promises an unforgettable experience. Atop the plateau lie some of the island's most ancient temples, originally numbering over 400 and dating back to the 8th and 9th centuries. The name 'Dieng' derives from 'Di-Hyang,' meaning 'Abode of the Gods.' Our journey continues to Borobudur, the world's largest and most significant Buddhist cultural monument. Between 775 and 856, approximately 30,000 stone carvers and 5,000 workers contributed to the construction of this awe-inspiring edifice that we admire today. It features nine square-shaped levels, each side measuring 123 meters in length, adorned with nearly 5 kilometers of intricate reliefs that narrate the life of Buddha. The temple's grandeur is evident even from the furthest reaches of the complex. Additionally, we will visit two smaller temples, Candi Mendut and Candi Pawon. We will arrive in Yogyakarta by evening, one of Indonesia's two remaining sultanates. You will spend the night at a hotel of your choosing.

Day 5: Yogyakarta – Solo
In the morning, we embark on a city tour through Yogyakarta to visit the Sultan's Palace, the remnants of Taman Sari Water Palace, and the historic town featuring its traditional market. We will also have the opportunity to visit a Batik factory and a silversmith, exploring the intricacies of the handicrafts and finding souvenirs. In the afternoon, we proceed to Prambanan Temple Complex, Indonesia's largest Hindu temple, which was declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1991. The architecture is characterized by its height and the peaks of the buildings, which are typical of Hindu design. The central temple stands at 47 meters tall. In addition to the eight primary altars and temples, over 250 smaller temples encircle the main structure. The three largest altars, known as Trisakti (three sacred places), are dedicated to the three principal deities: Shiva the destroyer, Vishnu the preserver, and Brahma the creator. The oldest temple in the complex dates back to the same century as Borobudur Temple. We then travel to Solo, a journey of 1.5 hours. Enjoy two nights' stay at a hotel of your choice.

Day 6: Solo
After breakfast, we will depart for the day's highlight in Solo. Our city tour includes a visit to the Mangkunegaran Palace and the fascinating Tri Windu antique market. A scenic drive of approximately 1.5 hours through the mountainous landscape will lead us to the Ceto Temple, dating back to the 5th century, enhancing your experience. The area offers a stunning view. Additionally, we will explore the Sukuh Temple, notable for its unique architecture reminiscent of the Maya culture in South America. A 15-minute trek to Jumog Waterfall will complete our itinerary for today. We will then return to Solo and transfer to your hotel in the afternoon. The evening is yours to enjoy at your leisure.

Day 7: Solo – Mount Bromo
Following an early breakfast, we will transfer to the train station in Solo. Our journey continues from Solo to Jombang, a three-hour train ride. A further four-hour drive from Jombang takes us through the picturesque landscapes of mountains and plantations in East Java. We will arrive at Mount Bromo at 16:00, where we will spend the night. The hotel, situated on the mountainside, offers a stunning panoramic view of the area. The evening is yours to enjoy at leisure. Overnight stay will be at the hotel of your choice.

Day 8: Mount Bromo and flight Surabaya - Denpasar (Bali)/LombokIn the midst of darkness, we embark on the pinnacle of our journey. You're set to relish the natural wonder of Mount Bromo's spectacular sunrise. Departing at 2 AM, we venture in a four-wheel drive across the plateau, graced with Mount Bromo's majestic view. Following the sunrise, we ascend to Mount Bromo's crater, standing at 2,000 meters. Here, you have the option to partake in a pony ride. Weather permitting, you'll witness an unparalleled sunrise over Bromo. Savour the tranquil morning ambiance of the volcano and observe its smouldering crater. Subsequently, we'll return to our hotel for breakfast. Before midday, we embark on a two-hour journey to Surabaya to board your flight to Denpasar, Bali/Lombok.

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