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Exploring the Traditional Wedding in Lombok!

Far away from tourists area

In this occasion you will spend the whole day witnessing the wedding of the locals in Lombok. You will get involved in all rituals of the wedding for the whole process.

Pick up at your hotel in Lombok very early in the morning and go straight to the house of the bride and groom. On arrival you will be welcome by the family members of the groom and immediately taken to a beauty salon for makeup. Just follow the hint from the staff that accompanies you.

The events in which you will participate are as follows. There is feast when the couple are treated like a king and queen. They sit on their "thrones" in a theater-like level. There is always a large complete buffet-style catering in such an event in Lombok because it is often performed like a feast of the whole village. After the party the couple and the invited guests will go to the streets accompanied by friends, acquaintances, relatives and a few band members. The parade will visit the parents of the bride for the first time as a couple. During the procession the crew marches on the street for a few kilometers and they dance, sing accompanied by music.




As tourists with white skin and blond hair are often considered by locals to be a great attraction. Sometimes the locals often want to touch your skin and hair. Please do not be angry if they take so many photos with you. They are very proud of it!




2 persons: USD 85 per person

4 persons: USD 74 per person



Upcoming event: No information yet!

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