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I-BUK-I Bildungsförderung Indonesiens e.V

Education Funding for Indonesia

This organization is helping the elementary school SDN 2 Senggigi financially with the renovation of the classroom, toilet, library, and furniture renewal and in the near future, it will do even more.

It has been two years now she teaches at the school each time she comes here for her vacation. She teaches at the school the so-called Proyek Seni, an art project class. She teaches the children directly how to make different types of art items of different spices.

On her last vacation in Lombok in August 2017 she taught Wayang Kulit the making of shadow play figures. The children were also very excited about it and were able to perform a play ingeniously in front of their classmates.

Mrs. Isabelle Eitmann as the chairwoman of the organization has so many ideas for the future of the Indonesian children in Lombok. She would set up her own school with an international standard for the children from poor families in Lombok and do all these things as a volunteer as well. It's very good to have a great idea to make a better future for Indonesian children. She always says, "Please do not stop dreaming of a better world." It also fits with the quote from Albert Schweitzer, "The little thing you can do is a lot."

I would support Ms. Isabelle Eitmann in all ways with her ideas. And you? What do you think? You can also support them by clicking here to access the I-BUK-I website.

BERSAMA KITA HEBAT! (Together we are strong!)

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