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Raja Ampat 8 Days Snorkeling and Trekking

To the untouched side of Indonesia in Papua

8 Days/ 7 Nights: South and North Raja Ampat

Day 1: Arrival in Sorong, Papua
Flight departure from Bali arround midnight time to Sorong via Ujung Pandang. After a short waiting in Unjung Pandang is the next flight to Sorong. Arrival early morning at the airport in Sorong and go straight to hotel for overnight. The preparation of the trip in the next day.
Day 2: Sorong - Kabuy Bay
Exploring the Kabuy bay to enjoy the magnificent view of the Stone Pencils which come out of the ocean. The shapes of the rock island look just like pencils. It becomes the icon of Kabuy bay. Snorkeling on these islands: Friwenbonda and Batu Lima.

Day 3: Kabuy Bay - Bats Island/ Batang Pele Insel
These very special corners for snorkeling and diving are located between the island Gam and Waigeo. The english Botanik Sir Alfred Russel Wallace explained in his book "One of the most picturesque landscape I have ever seen..." as the first man in 1860 who came to this place. The limestone that come out of the ocean make the landscape very special. No other has this beauty like this in Passage. Snorkeling: Passage/ cave is the hidden bay and bats cave island. 
Day 4: Bats/ Batang Pele Island - Bala Bala Island - CI Station (Wayag Island)

Snorkeling and trekking: Balakbalak Island, Jetty CI Station.

Day 5: Wayag Island

Fullday stay on Wayag Island for snorkeling and trekking.

Day 6: Wayag Island - Fam/ Pyanemo Island.

Pianemo is a beautiful place in West Papua with ocean view to enjoy many other smaller and bigger islands around Wayag island. The village Aborek located in Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat. Take a walk on the island and enjoy the under water world during the snorkeling activities. Snorkeling: Melissas Garden, Anitas Garden and Arborek Jetty.

Day 7: Pyanemo - Gam Island

Snorkeling: Island Kri, Manta Point, Kri Bay, Koh Island/ Sandbank, West Mansuar.

Day 8: Kri - Sorong

Return back to Sorong.

2 persons: USD 1,748 per person

4 persons: USD 1,607 per person

Fullboard, Ship, mineral water, snorkeling unlimited, englisch speaking guide, return flight (Bali - Sorong - Bali)

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