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Panorama walk and rainforest

Departure at 7 ! The ride goes to the north passing the beautiful coastal sceneries of the north west part of the island. We can enjoy the landscapes of rice fields, villages, lava sand beach and of the mountain Rinjani along the way. This special trekking goes through the rice fields and rice teracces taking 4 hours passing the stunning view of this area. The trekking starts a 8 shortly after arriving in a small village close to Bayan in the northern part of the island. The last 2 hours trekking goes through the fertile rainforest in Senaru to reach the popular waterfalls Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep. End of the trekking.


From Senggigi

Min. 2 participants

2   pax arr. USD  60,- per person

3   pax arr. USD  50,- per person

4+ pax arr. USD 40,- per person

Included: all entrances, trekking guide and lunch

From Kuta

Min. 2 participants

2   persons USD  70,- per person

3   persons USD  55,- per person

4+ persons USD  50,- per person

Included: all entrances, trekking guide and lunch

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