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The exotic southern coast Lombok

Departure at 8 o'clock! We will visit the Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfalls located on the southern slope of Mount Rinjani within the National Park Rinjani. These waterfalls offer opportunities for trekking in the National Park Rinjani and swimming at Benang Kelambu. Afterwards, we will proceed to the remote and stunning white sandy beaches of Selong Blanak and Mawun in the southern part of the island. Our journey will also include a visit to the traditional village of Sade in Rambitan, where locals continue to uphold their traditional way of life.


From Senggigi and von Kuta

Minimum participant 2 persons

2  participants:   USD 60,- per person

4+  participants: USD 55,- per person

Included: all entrances and lunch

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