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Your english speaking driver

Your english speaking can assist you planning your trip during your stay in Lombok as you wish. You can make your own route according to the information from your guide to make your trip more interresting. Do you have any axtra plan? Just tell your driver. Are you ready? Now go!!!


You are going to be transfered to your next destination by a local english speaking driver to whom during your ride you can talk to. This would make the ride from A to B more interresting. The driver would be able to help you to plan your trip with many informations and suggestions. He/she will explain a lot about the island, the people, the customs and tradition. He/she knows a lot about his/her island. He/she would also happy to tell about her/his family, traditional local attractions what you can not find in any guide book of Lombok. He/she is going to give you some tips and suggestions what to do during your stay. He/she can tell a lot about the island so that you can make a better plan during your visit in Lombok. You can not compare our driver with those you can find on the streets, hotel, airport. Those driver can only speak just a little english or just a broken one without giving any information.



2 pax arr. USD  78 per car

4 pax arr. USD  96 per car

Included: car and driver

Note: This ride will costs extra for any possible entrances, lunch and so on

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