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Your english speaking driver

Your proficiency in English will be beneficial in organizing your itinerary during your stay in Lombok according to your preferences. You have the freedom to tailor your journey based on the insights provided by your guide, enhancing the experience. Should you have any additional plans, feel free to inform your driver. Are you prepared? Let's embark on the adventure!

It's good to know that you will be transferred to your next destination by a local driver who speaks English. During your ride, you'll have the opportunity to converse with the driver, making the journey from point A to point B more engaging. The driver is well-equipped to assist you in planning your trip, offering a wealth of information and recommendations. They will provide insights into the island's culture, people, customs, and traditions. With extensive knowledge about their homeland, they are also eager to share stories about their family and unique local attractions in Lombok that are not found in standard guidebooks. Additionally, they will offer tips and advice on activities to enhance your stay. Their detailed knowledge of the island will help you formulate a more informed itinerary for your visit to Lombok. Our drivers are distinct from those you might encounter on the streets, in hotels, or at airports, who may only speak limited or broken English and lack the ability to provide such informative guidance.



2 pax arr. USD  80 per car

4 pax arr. USD  105 per car

Included: car and driver

Note: Additional charges may apply for any potential entrance fees, meals, and other expenses.

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