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The Exotic Lombok Special

5 days 4 nights

Day #1 Senggigi – Bayan – Trekking – Waterfalls – Sembalun Lawang – Sembalun Bumbung - Tetebatu: Departure at 7 ! The trips goes to the north passing the beautiful views of the coastal landscape in the north west part of the island. The beutiful views changes its beauty the whole time by passing rice fields, villages, lava beaches and mountain views of the Mount Rinjani. The trekking route will amaze you through rice fields and rice terraces that will take around 4 hours starting 8 o'clock soon after your arrival at the starting point in the north. The last 2 hours trekking you will enjoy the nice track through the lush rainforest that will end by visiting the most popular waterfalls in Lombok Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep. The ende of the jungle trekking. Lunch will be served at the local restaurant! After we proceed to the east passing the villages Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung with its mountainous highland landscape. A stop in Bukit Selong with beautiful rice fields view and the view of the whole area Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung. Proceed to Tetebatu for overnight the hotel of your choice (not included: Find your hotel here!) .  Photo stop in Pusuk Sembalun.  Overnight in Tetebatu!

Day #2 Tetebatu – Giant Trees – Gili Lampu – Gili Kapal – Gili Bidara:

Departure at 8:30. We drive today further to the east with a short stop in the rainforest to see the giant trees Lian to do selfies. The nice ride goes to the east passing the beautiful rice fields and many villages. Snorkeling on the remote three Gilis: Gili Lampu, Gili Kapal and Gili Bidara combined with a visit to the Mangrove forest will make your trip to the east unforgettable. There are many blue sea stars to see in the snorkeling spot. There is no lunch available today but snacks and fruits due to no restaurants available in the east. Late afternoon we drive to Tanjung Tanjung in East Lombok for overnight in a hotel. Hotel** is included! A private local family house.

Day #3: Cooking Class and visiting villages on mountain bike in East-Lombok

Special day: Cooking Class of the traditional food of Lombok! Right after the breakfast we leave at 7 you go shopping with your host to the next traditional market. You are going to go by traditional horse cart to the market. Shop all you need for your cooking class. The cooking class will end up at the lunch time to enjoy self cooked food. In the afternoon you are going to visit some villages to see all of the activities the local people do in the real life. It will take about 3 - 4 hours for the 30 Km long route on your mountain bike. Riding the mountain bike passing many villages and rice fields with stops and explanation or event taking pictures of the locals will make your trip today unforgettable. This way we can understand more about the life of the locals. In the evening we return back to the hotel for overnight. Hotel** is included! A private local family house.

Day #4: Tanjung - sand island - some various Gilis - Pink Beach - Tanjung Aa beach - Kuta:

We drive to the east to Tanjung Luar where we can visit a fish market. Just in the other side of the market is the harbor where we catch out boat to the pink beach. We are going to stop on sand island to take pictures. On the sand island we are just in the middle of the ocean. Proceed to the small islands for snorkeling activities. At noon we arrive on the pink beach. Enjoying the pink beach and proceed to the pink beach II for lunch. Grilled fishes are available for the lunch. Fresh grilled fishes for our lunch. En route we are going to visit the popular Tanjung Aan beach before check-in in the hotel of your choices (not included: Find your hotel here!). 

Day #5: Kuta – Mawun – Selong Blanak – Sukarara – Weaving – Senggigi Beach:

Departure 8:30. This time we drive further more to the west along the coastal way in the south with some stops in the beaches Tanjung Aan, Mawun and at last in Selong Blanak Beach where you can learn to surf for 3 hours (Extra fee: USD 25 per person). Afternoon proceed to Sukarara, the weaving village. You are going to see how the ladies in that village doing their job weaving for many hours by sitting on their terraces for an extra income. A good quality of materials for export quality. You will find beautiful good materials for you fashion to buy. Proceed to Senggigi to your hotel of your choice  on the beach of Senggigi. 



Minimum participants 2 persons

2    persons USD  365 per person

4+ persons  USD  265  pro Person

Included: all entrances, private boat ride to the Gilis

and lunch (fish grilling on Gilis on the beach not in the Gilis in the east)

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