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Exotic Lombok with Pink Beach.jpg

The Exotic Lombok plus Pink Beach

4 days 3 nights

Day #1 Senggigi – Bayan – Trekking – Waterfalls – Sembalun Lawang – Sembalun Bumbung - Tetebatu: Departure is set for 7 AM! The journey heads north, showcasing the stunning coastal landscapes of the island's northwest. As we travel, the scenery continually transforms, offering views of rice fields, villages, lava beaches, and Mount Rinjani's majestic peaks. The trekking adventure promises to captivate with its rice fields and terraces, estimated to take approximately 4 hours, commencing at 8 AM shortly after reaching the starting point in the north. The latter half of the trek, spanning 2 hours, features a delightful path through verdant rainforests, culminating in visits to Lombok's renowned waterfalls, Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep, marking the trek's conclusion. A local restaurant will host lunch. Our journey then continues eastward, passing through the villages of Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung, known for their mountainous highlands. We'll pause at Bukit Selong to admire the expansive rice fields and panoramic views of Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung. The day ends with an arrival in Tetebatu for an overnight stay at a hotel of your choosing (hotel not included). A photo opportunity awaits at Pusuk Sembalun. Enjoy your overnight stay in Tetebatu!

Day #2 Tetebatu – Giant Trees – Gili Lampu – Gili Kapal – Gili Bidara - Tetebatu: Departure at 8:30, we will continue our journey eastward, making a brief stop in the rainforest to admire the colossal trees and take selfies. Our pleasant drive will take us through picturesque rice fields and past numerous villages. The day's highlight includes snorkeling around the secluded Gilis: Gili Lampu, Gili Kapal, and Gili Bidara. This, along with a visit to the Mangrove forest, promises to make our trip to the east memorable. In the snorkeling areas, you can spot many blue sea stars. Since there are no restaurants in the east, we will provide snacks and fruits instead of lunch. In the late afternoon, we will return to Tetebatu in East Lombok, where we will spend the night at a hotel.

Day #3: Tetebatu - sand island - some various Gilis - Pink Beach - Tanjung Aa beach - Kuta: We drive east to Tanjung Luar to visit a fish market. Just beyond the market lies the harbor, where we board our boat to Pink Beach. We plan to make a stop at the sand island for a photo session, finding ourselves amidst the vast ocean. Next, we proceed to the small islands for snorkeling activities. By noon, we arrive at Pink Beach, where we enjoy the scenery and then move on to Pink Beach II for lunch, featuring freshly grilled fish. On our way back, we will visit the renowned Tanjung Aan beach before checking in at your hotel of choice (hotel not included)

Day #4 Kuta – Mawun – Selong Blanak – Sukarara – Weaving – Senggigi Beach: Departure is at 8:30. This time, we will venture further west along the southern coastal route, making stops at Tanjung Aan, Mawun, and finally Selong Blanak Beach. At Selong Blanak, you'll have the opportunity to learn surfing during a 3-hour session (an additional fee of USD 25 per person applies). In the afternoon, we will continue to Sukarara, a village renowned for its weaving. Here, you will observe the local women skillfully weaving for extended periods on their terraces to earn supplementary income. The materials used are of high quality and suitable for export. You'll also have the chance to purchase exquisite materials for your wardrobe. The day concludes with a transfer to your selected hotel on Senggigi Beach.



Minimum participants 2 persons

2    persons USD  265 per person

4+ persons USD  170  per person

Included: all entrances, private boat ride the Gilis and

lunch (fish grilling on Gilis on the beach but not on Gilis in the east)

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