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Stick Fighting in Lombok

Get engaged in the fighting in Lombok or just watching! 

Stick fighting enjoys widespread popularity among the inhabitants of Lombok Island. Participants arm themselves with a rattan stick and a leather shield to engage in combat. This sporting spectacle is typically observed during the extended dry season, specifically from June to November, between 15:00 and 18:00 hours, when the soil has become exceedingly parched due to the prolonged absence of rain. The stick fighting serves as a ritualistic plea to the deities for rainfall. Two combatants face off in a trio of rounds, each lasting 15 minutes. It's not uncommon for fights to conclude with participants sustaining bloody head wounds from their adversary's rattan stick. When such injuries occur, onlookers encircling the arena vociferously chant 'rain, rain, rain!' This sport offers a captivating experience for those intrigued by local combat displays. It's an unmissable attraction for visitors to Lombok.


2 participants: USD 78 per car

4 participants: USD 89 per car

Included: A car with a driver as a guide, entrance fees.

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