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Stick Fighting in Lombok

Get engaged in the fighting in Lombok or just watching! 

The stick fighting is very popular among the people in Lombok island. They are using a rattan stick and a leather shield to fight against each other. This sports show can be seen during the long dry season actually between June - November from 15 - 18 hours when the soils have become very dry due to the very long dry period. This stick fighting is actually a kind of ritual to pray to god for rain. The two men are fighting against each other in three rounds for 15 minutes. The fight can end up with blood on their head after being hit by the rattan stick of their opponent. This can happen very often. The spectators around the arena will shout out loud saying the words 'rain, rain, rain!' if this happens. An interesting sport for those who like fighting shows of the locals. The thing that people cannot miss during their visit to Lombok. 


2 participants: USD 78 per car

4 participants: USD 89 per car

Included: A car with a driver as a guide, entrance fees.

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