Exploring Komodo and Flores

This one day stay in Komodo Island offers a wonderful opportunity to observe the remains of the dinosaurs the Komodo dragons in their lab room on Komodo Island. Flores is generally characterized by its scenic beauty, and Komodo is known for the Komodo dragons that live there!

Boat trip starts at 8:30 a.m. towards Pulau Komodo. A ranger will then accompany you on a 2 km long trekking path into the interior of the island. During this hike, keep an eye out for Komodo dragons, wild water buffalo, rare bird species and monkeys. Continue to Komodo village. Finally, snorkeling rounds off the program at Pink Beach.

Price table:


Participant price in EURO per person


2 - 3 ==> 250.00

4 - 6 ==> 125.00

7 - 9 ==> 100.00

10-12 ==> 95.00

13-15 ==> 90.00

16-18 ==> 85.00

19-21 ==> 80.00

22-24 ==> 75.00

25-27 ==> 70.00

28-30 ==> 65.00



The boat trip

German-speaking tour guide

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Attention !!!: You cannot book these excursions on the ship and they are not carried out by the cruise organization but by the local operator. The booking must be made via WhatsApp or email!

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