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Your Wedding in Lombok

Make your wedding special and great!

On this special occasion, your wedding will be organized by the local inhabitants of Lombok, adhering to their traditional customs. As the bride and groom, you will partake in all the ceremonial rituals rooted in local wisdom.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Lombok and driven approximately 1.5 hours to the village of Desa Teros in East Lombok. Upon arrival, you will receive a warm welcome from the village chief and be promptly escorted to a beauty salon for makeup application, guided by hints from your accompanying staff.

The ceremonies you will engage in are as follows: In keeping with local customs, you and your partner will be revered as a king and queen. Seated upon your "thrones" on a stage-like platform, you will witness a grand traditional buffet, typical of such events in Lombok and often celebrated by the entire village. Following the feast, you, along with the guests, will join a street procession flanked by villagers, friends, relatives, and bands, parading through the village. Throughout this procession, participants will dance, sing, and enjoy musical accompaniment. This procession serves to introduce the newlyweds to the community, symbolizing their union as a family amidst widespread celebration.

Please note:

As tourists who may have white skin and blond hair, you might draw considerable attention from the locals. Many may wish to touch your skin and hair out of curiosity. While this can be surprising, please respond with patience rather than annoyance, as they may also seek to take numerous photos with you. This interaction is a source of pride for them!


USD 3,383 per couple


All transport

All food

2 overnight in a local hotel** in the village

Traditional costumes

Arrangement of the locals for the celebration of the wedding

A cow to be slaughtered

Photos and videos of the wedding

Traditional Music Performance

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