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Your Wedding in Lombok

Make your wedding special and great!

In this occasion your wedding will be arranged by the locals here in Lombok based on the local tradition. You are going to follow as bride and groom all the rituals of the wedding based on locals wisdom.

Pick up from your hotel in Lombok and drive about 1.5 hours to East Lombok in the village Desa Teros. Upon arrival you will be welcome by the village master and immediately taken to a beauty salon for make-up. Just follow the hint from the staff that accompanies you.

The events in which you will participate are as follows. According to the local tradition the bride and the groom as a couple will be treated a king and a queen. You will be sitting on your "thrones" in a theater-like level. There is always a large scale traditional buffet style provided in such event on Lombok. It is often performed like a celebration of the whole village. After the feast the couple (bride and groom) and the invitees will then go on to the street in a procession accompanied by the villagers, their friends, acquaintances, relatives and some bands on the street to walk on a procession around the village. During the procession the all people march on the street a few kilometers away. They will dance, sing and accompanied by music. In the occasion the new couple is shown to the villagers that the couple has become a family. The whole village celebrates the party!


As tourists with white skin and blond hair they are often considered by locals a great attraction that many locals often want to touch your skin and hair. Please do not be angry as if they usually want to take many photos with you. They are very proud of it!


USD 3,383 per couple


All transport

All food

2 overnight in a local hotel** in the village

Traditional constumes

Arrangement of the locals for the celebration of the wedding

A cow to be slaughtered

Photos and videos of the wedding

Traditional Music performance

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