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Welcome to Probolinggo in
Eastern Jawa

The big island with culture and nature

Special day trip for cruisers

Day Trip to Mount Bromo

Nature spectacle at Mount Bromo

Price: 260.00 USD per person

The departure is at 8:00 AM from the Tembaga Pura port in Probolinggo. Mount Bromo is a highlight for many travelers in Java, one of the largest islands in Indonesia. Usually, the trip to Mount Bromo is made early in the morning so that you can enjoy the sunrise from there.


However, it is also possible to make the trip during the day to simply enjoy the beautiful landscapes. A highlight of this trip still awaits you. However, clouds or fog often move over the mountain around noon, making it difficult to see the surrounding landscape optimally.


Nevertheless, you will experience a very special natural spectacle, namely to admire the active volcano up close and look into the active crater at the same time. We will drive through a sea of sand with an off-road vehicle and continue with horse riding to the opposite plateau at the stairs that lead you further to the crater. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view and picturesque images from the crater rim in clear weather. Enjoy the morning atmosphere from the volcano and take a look at the smoking interior before returning 2.5 hours to the ship to Surabaya.


08:00 AM: Meeting and greeting by our tour guide at the Tembaga Pura port in Probolinggo.

08:30 AM: Departure to the villages of Sukapura.

10:00 AM: Arrival at the villages of Sukapura and transfer to the jeep.

10:45 AM: Toilet stops and refreshments (coffee or tea).

11:00 AM: Continue with the jeep to the Penanjakan viewpoint to enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Bromo.

11:40 AM: Arrival at the Penanjakan viewpoint.

12:15 PM: Drive down to the sea of sand.

12:30 PM: Walk to the Mt. Bromo crater - climb the 245 steps.

01:00 PM: Reach the crater rim and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

1:30 PM, we will return to the parking lot and then take the jeep to the JIWA JAWA HOTEL.

2:00 PM, we will have lunch at JIWA JAWA BROMO.

3:00 PM, we will return to the Probolinggo Pier.

4:30 PM, we will arrive at the pier.

PRICE: Price per German-speaking guide

2 - 3 participants: USD 260 per person

4 - 6 participants: USD 240 per person

7 - 10 participants: USD 220 per person

11 - 15 participants: USD 210 per person

16 - 20 participants: USD 175 per person

21 - 25 participants: USD 165 per person

26 - 29 participants: USD 160 per person

30 or more participants: USD 150 per person

Included: Lunch All admissions Jeep ride to Bromo Horseback riding on Bromo

Please note that this excursion cannot be booked on the ship and is not carried out by the cruise organization but by the local organizer. The booking must be made via WhatsApp or email.

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