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I have spoken German since 1989. I started working as a German-speaking guide through the island of Jawa. There was a lot of fun doing this job. Since then I always have had to speak German. As a tour guide, I was mostly on trips for a week or two with German groups. I had so many opportunities to learn more about the German language and to know some other German dialects.
I studied German at the former IKIP - Pedagogical College - Yogyakarta (now the Yogyakarta State University / UNY - Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta) in Central Java between 1987 and 1993. In between I worked as a freelancer at some travel agencies in the city that used to have many German guests. It was a very nice time.
So far I still organise tours for the German tourists in Indonesia especially on the island of Lombok.
If you need a German-Indonesian-German interpreter in Indonesia I would be happy to assist you at any time. On request, I am also available as an English-Indonesian-English interpreter.

Price: USD 30.00 per hour

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