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I have been speaking German since 1989. My journey began as a German-speaking guide on the island of Java, which was an immensely enjoyable job. From that point onwards, German has been an integral part of my communication. As a tour guide, I frequently embarked on week-long or fortnightly trips with German groups, providing me with ample opportunities to deepen my understanding of the German language and acquaint myself with various German dialects.
My formal education in German was at the former IKIP - Pedagogical College - in Yogyakarta (now known as Yogyakarta State University or UNY - Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta) in Central Java, where I studied from 1987 to 1993. Concurrently, I worked as a freelance consultant for several travel agencies in the city, which often hosted numerous German visitors. Those were delightful times.
To this day, I continue to organize tours for German tourists in Indonesia, particularly on the island of Lombok.
Should you require a German-Indonesian-German interpreter in Indonesia, I am readily available to assist you at any time. Upon request, I can also serve as an English-Indonesian-English interpreter

Price: USD 30.00 per hour

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