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The bookings of the trip to Borobudur temple

Bookings February 5, 2024

Bus 1 = 13 pax

Petra and Gerold 4Pax

Florian 1Pax

Madelaine  2Pax

Michael and Martina 2Pax CONFIRMED

Gero and Manuela 2Pax CONFIRMED

Herbert and Ingrid 2Pax

Bus 2 = 14 pax

Desiree and Rainer 2Pax CONFIRMED

Anette and Bernhard 2Pax

Petra and Christoph 2Pax CONFIRMED

Dagmar and Gerhard 2Pax CONFIRMED

Peter and Petra 2 pax

Andrea 4Pax

Bus 3 = 6 pax

Karola and Peter 2Pax

Anja and Thomas 2Pax

Bianca and Peter 2Pax

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