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Whale shark watching off the coast of Sumbawa: An unforgettable adventure

The island of Sumbawa, located east of Lombok, offers an extraordinary experience: swimming with whale sharks. This two-day experience would include the observation of the majestic whale sharks in Saleh Bay in Sumbawa Besar.

Swimming with whale sharks

Day 1: Lombok - Driving along the northern coastline of Sumbawa Besar - Saleh Bay.

Departure from the hotel in Senggigi or Kuta around 8 am after breakfast.

The journey continues northeast to the port of Labuhan Lombok, about 2 hours drive away. From there you take the ferry to West Sumbawa. After arriving in Sumbawa, we drive along the northern coast of Sumbawa Besar for about 3 hours to Labuhan Jambu. The route offers breathtaking views of mountains and coastlines.

In the late afternoon, we reach our destination in Labuhan Jambu, part of Dompu. One night in a hotel of category or * is included.

Day 2: Sumbawa Besar - Whale shark watching - Return to Lombok.

Get up early for the 3 am departure to the port. There we board a traditional fishing boat that takes us to the observation platform at sea (about a two-hour drive from the mainland). Once we arrive, we watch the whale sharks from the platform while our local guide feeds them with small fish. When the whale sharks are present, you have the opportunity to enter the water with your snorkeling equipment and experience their harmless nature up close. At around 8 a.m. we return to the mainland and drive to the hotel for breakfast. At 11 am we return to Lombok to your pre-booked hotel, where our trip ends.

The whale sharks in Saleh Bay can reach impressive proportions! These majestic creatures are the largest fish in the world. Here are some impressive facts about their size:

Length: Whale sharks can grow up to 12 to 18 meters (39 to 59 feet) long.

Weight: They usually weigh between 20 and 30 tons.

Imagine how impressive it must be to swim next to such a giant in the deep blue water! If you have the opportunity, you should experience the unforgettable adventure of whale shark watching in Saleh Bay off the coast of Sumbawa.

Yes, it is possible to dive with the majestic whale sharks! If you are a certified diver, you will have the opportunity to experience these impressive creatures up close. Here is some important information:

Diving opportunities :

Saleh Bay off the coast of Sumbawa offers dive sites where you can swim with whale sharks. The dives are accompanied by experienced diving instructors or guides to ensure your safety.

Requirements :

You should be a certified diver to participate in these diving trips. It is advisable to have some diving experience beforehand, as conditions in the open sea can be more challenging.

Equipment :

Bring your own diving equipment or rent it on-site. Don't forget your wetsuit to protect yourself from the cooler water temperature.

Respect nature :

When diving with whale sharks, it is important to respect the animals and their environment. Keep a safe distance and do not touch the whale sharks.

Experience the adventure :

Swim with the majestic whale sharks and enjoy this unique experience!

Please note that the chance of seeing the whale sharks is about 80%. Plan your diving trip and enjoy the unforgettable adventure!

The whale shark ( Rhincodon typus ) is a slow-swimming, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known living species of fish. The largest confirmed individual measured 18.8 meters (61.7 ft) in length. The whale shark holds many records for size in the animal kingdom, notably being by far the most massive living non-whale animal.

These majestic creatures are the largest fish in the world. They feed on plankton and small fish with their wide mouths. Their impressive features, their population, their migrations and the threats from hunting and climate change are fascinating aspects of the whale shark.

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